Careers at the Danaher
India Development Center
Work wonders for your career! The India Development Center (IDC) is focused on information technology and digital acceleration across 14 of Danaher’s Operating Companies. No other operation offers our unique blend of portfolio diversity and mobility. Here you get more than a job – you open doors to 14 companies (and growing), all making a positive impact on the world.

The India Development Center (IDC)

The IDC is a multi-platform, multi-business ecosystem that serves as the center of gravity for software delivery and product development for Danaher across the globe. We represent 14 different companies, and we have about 800 people working here. The IDC focuses on work ranging from software design and delivery, to product and hardware development, to digital work, such as AI, machine learning, and data science.
"Danaher’s desire to grow its footprint didn’t just mean the number of OpCos or its head count. The company wanted to grow its impact, and I think my background and experience was the reason they brought me on to help achieve those goals."

Venkataraman Ravikumar
Vice President, Danaher IDC

A look into the IDC

The IDC is Danaher's global hub for research and development, with innovative work that drives Danaher's mission of Helping Realize Life's Potential. Learn more about how the IDC plays a key part within Danaher and globally, and the opportunities that are available to make an impact.

Acceleration across businesses

The IDC is focused on information technology and digital acceleration across 14 of Danaher’s businesses:

Developing talent and galvanizing associate careers

When Venkataraman Ravikumar became Danaher’s Vice President of the India Development Center two years ago, IDC contained seven operating companies. Now there are 14. Below, Ravikumar discusses his experience and philosophy as a software technology leader, what brought him to Danaher, and the opportunities for growth and career development associates find at IDC.