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Impacting patient lives

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible through technologies that are shaping the future of health – it’s what we do. Striving to make a difference in impacting the lives of patients is on the list too. We embrace the vital role we have in simplifying the complexity of healthcare through a broad range of solutions for screening, monitoring and detecting. In doing so, we meet the needs of providers and patients by quickly providing diagnostics information that can correctly identify or rule out diseases, or determine the cause of symptoms. Start your path here and just imagine where it can lead you.

Our purpose

Our teams help provide pathways to fast and reliable results to improve patient outcomes, with diagnostic technologies focused on the world's biggest health challenges such as cardiac disease, infectious disease and cancer. Get to know us and how our teams work together to improve diagnostic confidence across all settings - from local clinics and family physicians' offices, to leading trauma, cancer and critical care centers.

​​​​​​​After childhood dreams of being a doctor, Supplier Management Engineer Daniela found a career path that blends her skills in math and her passion for problem-solving by helping others through medical innovations.
Donald, Regional Sales Manager, transformed from lab tech to award-winning salesperson in just two years. His motivation is knowing that his work will allow more people to gain access to HemoCue's life-changing tech.
From manufacturing oligonucleotides, to aligning new product introduction teams, to validating new facilities, to leading blue-sky innovations, Carla has worn a number of hats over her 14 years with Cepheid.
When Dong, Director of Clinical Affairs for Beckman Coulter China, left the United States and moved to Shanghai with his family, he was on a mission to build a top-notch clinical function in the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry.

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Our businesses

The collective power of our businesses results in unparalleled breadth and depth of offerings that deliver high quality and accurate diagnostic confidence for a variety of critical health conditions. Together, our teams collaborate as we connect our people, processes and expertise, to bring forth groundbreaking solutions.

Our careers

Here is where you’ll thrive, develop your skillset, and quickly see the impact of your contribution. Find the fit that helps you realize your career aspirations and take the next step.