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Laetus is the industry leader in inline quality control solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical technology and FMCG industries. Our experience of more than 40 years plays an integral part in the development of Secure Track & Trace Solutions – reliable modular packaging and supply chain control solutions. 

In our business, there are no off-the-shelf solutions – at least not at Laetus. For us, this means constantly finding and implementing new, innovative solutions in order to secure our competitive advantage for our customers and ourselves.
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Together with our national and international customers, we are constantly breaking new ground in demanding projects. This includes not only the extraordinary qualification of our interdisciplinary teams, but also passion, courage and curiosity to adopt new ways of thinking and realize it for the client.

Our Culture

At Laetus everyone cares about each other and feels responsible for our joint success. Our fair, friendly and diverse culture provides an exceptional work environment. Mutual encouragement, constructive and open exchange, and focusing and committing together until the best solution is found or a complex project is successfully completed. We are proud of our achievements together.
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Join Our International Team

Exceptional people thrive in Laetus’ fast-paced, results-oriented culture. We're passionate about recruiting, developing and retaining the most talented and diverse team possible. In Laetus you find a small organization with high visibility. This gives you the opportunity to grow within the organization. Even if you don't find the right development with Laetus, you can access a global network of career possibilities at Danaher (with more than 20 operating companies).
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We Secure Your Product’s Future

Counterfeit medicines, baby food, cosmetics and other products that can cause health damage should not come onto the market. Products must therefore be fully traceable from production, through the entire packaging process, the logistics chain and distribution to the end user. The leading solutions for these extraordinarily complex tasks come from Laetus. Our 250+ employees help our customers to ensure quality control and tracking of their products.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

As part of the Danaher family of companies, our work at Laetus is supported by a global science and technology innovator. In addition to Danaher’s unrivaled leadership training and professional development programs, this relationship also provides expanded career opportunities across industries and brands. Together, we are united by a shared purpose: Helping Realize Life’s Potential.