Fraudulent Offers


Fraudulent job offers have been made by individuals, organizations, Internet sites or social media accounts that claim they're representing Danaher Corporation or our leaders. In some cases, job seekers are asked to pay a processing or work permit fee to begin their job.

These offers are fake and do not originate from Danaher. They are recruitment scams. Danaher Corporation and our family of operating companies never seeks fees from job applicants under any circumstances.

We have taken this matter seriously and notified appropriate legal authorities to stop such fraudulent schemes. By making you aware of this, we hope to avoid and ultimately stop victims from falling for this scam. 

Is your job offer a scam?

Several clues can help you realize your job offer may be a scam.

  • Did you apply for a job through our website? Danaher does not make unsolicited job offers.
  • Are you being asked to pay processing fees, travel fees, visa fees or make a payment of any other kind - even if they claim that you will be reimbursed? Danaher never seeks fees from job applicants under any circumstances.
  • Danaher may engage staffing agencies to help us identify candidates for positions. Third parties representing Danaher in the recruitment process will never request any fees from job seekers.
  • If the email doesn’t come from an official email address and instead uses an address from a free email service such as: Gmail,,, Yahoo, AOL or a combination of these. Even if the email address contains the word "Danaher," it may not be from Danaher.
  • You are guaranteed a work-from-home position.
  • You are offered a check to process before being interviewed. The perpetrators will often ask recipients to complete bogus recruitment documentation, such as application forms, terms and conditions of employment or visa forms. The Danaher name and logo is sometimes featured on the documentation without authority.
  • There is an early request for personal information such as address details, date of birth, resume (CV), passport details, etc.
  • Candidates are requested to contact other companies/individuals such as lawyers, bank officials, travel agencies, courier companies, visa/immigration processing agencies, etc.
  • The perpetrators frequently use mobile or landline telephone numbers beginning with 44(0)70 instead of official company numbers.
  • The perpetrators may even offer to pay a large percentage of the fees requested and ask the candidate to pay the remaining amount.
  • There is an insistence on urgency.

Danaher employment policies and processes involve personal interviews in most cases and candidates who seek employment with us are never required to pay any sum of money in advance.

What to do if you are approached

  • Do not send any money or provide any personal information. Report the matter to your local law enforcement.
  • Please contact the FBI at this link to report the internet scam:

Please do not
  • Respond to unsolicited business propositions and/or offers of employment from people with whom you are unfamiliar.
  • Disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know.
  • Send any money. Danaher does not ask for money transfers or payments from applicants to secure a job as an employee or as a contractor.
  • Engage in further communication if you believe the communication may be fraudulent.