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Since 1935, the Beckman name has been synonymous with technologies that simplify biomedical testing. Decades later, our organization also came to embody the scientific legacy of the Coulter name. Today, we’re proud to be a trusted global resource for tools to help optimize scientific research and manufacturing efficiency. Wherever people need answers to questions that matter - from prestigious universities and major pharmaceutical companies, to small biotech startups, food/beverage and electronics manufacturing facilities - you can find our products. If you’d like to help us continue to realize our mission, we’d like to talk to you.

Fostering Growth for Our Associates

You’ll enjoy a career here if you value three areas: Collaboration, Improvement and Growth. All of us together are smarter than any one of us, so expect to be part of many cross-functional teams as we unite to fix problems - for our customers and ourselves. "It's exciting to work at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. There are endless opportunities to make a significant impact regardless of your role within the company. There's genuine camaraderie amongst colleagues that's displayed daily as we push to achieve our collective goals."
Walter Mitchell
Within Danaher

Within Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Are you interested in working for a recognized global leader in the life sciences market? If so, you’ll experience the
​​​​​​​impact of your hard work every day, alongside a team of exceptionally talented people from more than 100 countries.
We’re all about continuous improvement and driving success.

Building a Diverse & Inclusive Culture

“One of our most important goals is to continuously improve and sustain a welcoming, inclusive culture in which diversity provides deeper customer insights and creates an enduring competitive advantage in the markets we serve. We know that by attracting, developing and retaining the best team of diverse, engaged and empowered associates, we help realize life’s potential for our customers, our shareholders and ourselves.”
–Rosario Doriott
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Building aDiverse Future
Driving Innovation
​​​​​​​for Our Customers
“The way I empower customers to achieve their scientific goals are to meet and exceed their expectations, by delivering important and accurate information for them to make smarter choices. I believe if I can support them in making better decisions, then we can build a very strong trust and bond.”
​​​​​​​–Han Wei

Investing in Our People

We offer Total Rewards to help you realize your life’s potential, including:
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • Wellbeing Programs
  • Retirement Options
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Hear From Members of Our Team

Listen in as colleagues speak to our vision and mission.
Bring Your Wonder To Danaher
As part of the Danaher family of companies, our work at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is supported by a global science and technology innovator. In addition to Danaher’s unrivaled leadership training and professional development programs, this relationship also provides expanded career opportunities across industries and brands. Together, we are united by a shared purpose: Helping Realize Life’s Potential.
Building aDiverse Future
Building aDiverse Future
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It's important that all associates at
​​​​​​​Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are proud of the work they do each day. To that end, we use Danaher Business System (DBS) tools, which are key drivers of every aspect of our culture and performance. These tools guide our efforts, measure how well we perform, and drive a cycle of continuous improvement that inspires all of us.
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