Interviewing at Danaher:
​​​​​​​how to prepare and what to expect

Interviewing can be a nerve-wracking experience. For most job seekers, it doesn't happen very often, and every company’s approach is different. At Danaher, we strive to deliver a positive candidate experience from the first phone call—and that starts with sufficient preparation and the right expectations. This guide will tell you what to expect throughout the interviewing process, how to prepare and tips for your conversations with our team. While not everyone will receive an offer, we hope you walk away with new connections, learnings and possibilities for future roles. 

The Danaher interview process

We aim to complete the entire interview process as quickly as possible. Whether you apply directly or a Danaher recruiter reaches out, we recognize the importance of speed and transparency at every step. 
Step 1

your application online

When screening inbound applications, we look for well-formatted, succinct resumes with clear details to help us understand projects you’ve worked on and results you’ve delivered.
Step 2

Phone/video screening with
​​​​​​​a Danaher recruiter
(30-45 minutes)

Danaher is a complex company - during this initial call, we will give you an overview of who we are and how we work and learn a bit more about you.
Step 3

Phone/video interview with the hiring manager
(45-60 minutes)

This is your opportunity to share your expertise and accomplishments, and for you to learn more about the specific responsibilites of the role.
Step 4

Additional interviews with HR and team members
(45-60 minutes each)

Meet with potential team members and stakeholders to get a feel for who you will be working with and different perspectives on the role.

Preparing for your interviews 

  • Research Danaher and get familiar with our OpCos, Danaher Business System (DBS), and our pillars. Reference our guide to researching Danaher for more specifics.
  • Be ready to discuss how your skills match those listed in the job description.
  • Study your own resume and prepare detailed examples that highlight your past experiences. 
  • Prepare to share how you achieved certain results. If you have metrics to prove your point, even better—metrics are an integral part of our DBS mindset, and they drive major decisions across the company. 
  • Practice your answers to common interview questions, including your own background, why you want to work at Danaher, and your career aspirations for the next five years. Have a clear idea of what you want to say, but avoid memorizing your responses—we value authenticity as well as preparedness.
  • Bring thoughtful questions about the company and the role. We encourage interviewers to set aside plenty of time for your questions, so take time to create a thoughtful list. 
  •  As you research the company, dig into a topic, form a point of view, and come ready to spark a discussion with your hiring manager. Probing questions will show your understanding of the business and will give you insight into the company strategy and long-term vision. 
  • As you prepare for your interviews, consider the importance of personal touches, such as remembering small details from a conversation, leaning forward, and making eye contact. Beyond experience and metrics, we want to work with people we like. By being yourself and building connections with your interviewers, you’ll not only show your own personality but get to know us better as well. 

Our core values shape our interview questions

Our five core values and shared purpose—Helping Realize Life’s Potential—guide every aspect of our business. We believe these values start with our people, so we’ll want to evaluate how your skills, experience, and personality align with them. You can read more about our values here.  

As you prepare for conversations with our team, the following questions are a good place to start. We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate behaviors that align with our core values and can use data and real examples to back them up. Let’s take a look:
The best team wins
Behavior: Contribute to the team culture. We're looking for candidates who share Danaher’s values and bring diversity of thought that will complement the team and move the company forward. 

Sample Interview Question: What three things are most important to you in a job?
Customers talk, we listen
Behavior: Adaptability. One of our team's most important responsibilities is to listen to our customers—including internal customers across our global teams—and then act quickly to find solutions.

Sample Interview Question: Tell me about a time when you were assigned a task outside of your job description. How did you handle the situation, and what was the outcome?
Kaizen is our way of life
Behavior: Prioritization. Kaizen is our Danaher Business System, and our continuous improvement methodology drives our success. 

Sample Interview Question: Tell me about a time when you had to juggle several projects at the same time. How did you organize your time? What was the result?
Innovation defines our future
Behavior: Collaboration. Our business moves quickly, and strong teamwork is essential for defining shared goals and keeping everyone in the loop.

Sample Interview Question: Tell me about one of your favorite experiences working with a team and how you contributed. What was the outcome?
We compete for shareholders
Behavior: Growth potential. We have so much opportunity across our 22 operating companies, and we’re looking for self-motivated people who will take responsibility for their own growth.

Sample Interview Question: What was one of your early career goals? Tell me about the biggest career goal you've ever achieved.
Leaders come in all forms
Behavior: Danaher has leaders at all levels. We look for people who can inspire, motivate, and foster potential in others. 

Sample Interview Question: Talk to me about a time when you led by example. What did you do, and how did others react?
There’s no one right answer to these questions. But the best responses are grounded in the details of your experience and clearly demonstrate the results you achieved—they tell your story as only you can. 

Arrive at your interview ready to share your stories, passions, questions, and personality. We can’t wait to meet you and introduce the wonderful people working at Danaher. 

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